Less Ado About the NewYear

Its that time of the year where everyone seem to be writing down New Year’s Resolution and new plans but the sad part is; everything written becomes history to many in just 96hours into the New Year. Yeah, New Year resolutions are great but I’ve never been a big fan because it’s become a ritual, more like a necessary evil instead of a course charting exercise.
I would like to tell you what I’ve done in preparation for the new year maybe it will help you.

  • Set Goals. Unlike 2015 where I just allowed things happen, I have set monthly targets that requires me to be accountable at the end of each month. I have set up a system that makes it mandatory for me to see these goals achieved whether I like it or not.
  • Travel Only with My equals. I discovered in 2015, All I did was move with anyone and everyone, I guess it was because I didn’t set goals hence anyone could pop into my life and pop out at will. I have therefore decided to move only with like minded folks whose lives will be inspirational to my course in the new. Don’t forget to drop those who are not relevant to your life’s pursuit- friendship is not by force its optional.
  • Starve My Distraction, feed my focus. Well, in 2015 I really didn’t have a Focus so distraction was a normal occurrence in my life. But with my focus in view, I’ve decided to allow evey imminent distraction starve to death while I feed my focus like its a new born baby.

My Efforts will not excite me, I will be results driven. Honestly, I spent the better part of 2015 making efforts here and there and I was always excited about my efforts even though it always ended in nothing. In the new year, because I have focus and I’m working with a goal in view only my results will give me joy.

There’s so much to say but I will reserve the rest for those who really desire to know. If you’re one of them feel free to write me via joshstruth@gmail.comĀ with your questions.

I wish you an exceptional New Year. Have a blast šŸ™ŒšŸ½


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