7 Things To Remember on the Last Day of the Year

So its officially less than 24hours into the New Year and almost everyone is super excited; I for one am blown away. With all the frenzy and Hullabaloo it is quite easy to get carried away that we forget certain essentials that shouldn’t be forgotten.

I will just tell you seven things you shouldn’t forget or take for granted as you enter into the new year.

  • Your Creator. If you have lived through 2016 with all the hazzles and you’re still standing stong despite all that came your way then you must return thanks to your creator. Let no one make you feel bad because you talk about God, they speak as they do because they have not encountered Him; but you have and your testimonies shows He was with you even in your darkest hour.
  • Your Loss and Gain. If you haven’t done any reviews of your year, though it may seem late but it is the perfect time to go through your year and see what you did, how you did them, mistakes made, lessons that must be learnt and stories that must be forgotten. With this, you can consciously prepare yourself for the new year.
  • Your True Friends. True friends help make our journies pleasant and that’s why it’s called friendship. Appreciate those who stood with you in all the seasons of your life in the year 2016; keep them close and show them how important they are to you. Don’t judge them by little mistakes they made or incorrect decisions they took, even you have yet to reach perfection. If they stood with you in your broken times you might want to stand by them in their trying times.
  • Your Weaknesses. I make it a point of duty since the last 3years to turn my weaknesses to advantages; to find strength in them and use them as potent weapons. I can most certainly tell with all sincerity of heart that I’m excited about who I’ve become since I started this exercise. Though I’m not there yet, I know where I’m headed it sure seems closer than I expected.
  • Yourself. In the spirit of celebration, its almost impossible not to forget yourself; especially 00:00hrs where we scream “happy New Year”. We can get carried away by the joys of the moment that forget there’s life after that moment. My daddy while growing up always said to me ‘if you start the year with the right attitude, you will go through it the perfect attitude”. Don’t forget attitude has to do with your personality, therefore you must hold on to yourself in the happiest of moments.

Sorry I’m officially tired of typing here but not to worry, I have over 20things I know you’ll love to hear about. Simply write me via my email

Do enjoy the last day of the year 2016, not like its the last but because it is the last 🙌🏽


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