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Happy New Year Message from Josh

I’m super excited that you, I mean you reading this now made it into the year 2017. I know you are excited but I’m certain my excitement outweighs yours. Really, I asked myself what is so special about the new year, isn’t just me transiting from one day into another but then I have come to understand it is celebrated that way because it presents a fresh start.

As you go about celebrating the new year or maybe you decided not to celebrate, remember it’s a new slate, let go of all the hurts and pains in the past, open up yourself to opportunities, don’t make the same mistakes twice, start up something interesting that would beyond giving fulfillment also bring you joy.

Don’t think too much about tomorrow, just make your plans, set your priorities, believe in God (believe me you need to believe in Him if you have never believed in Him) and do some good.

In all, I wish you the best there is and hope to hear the great story of how awesome your life turned out to be. Please follow me up on other platforms




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