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How I killed an Angel

It was the late hours of the day at a social gathering when this voice that even the deaf would testify could only be that of an angel whispered into my ear with a gentle tap, ‘are you the celebrant?’ and with a mischievously preposterous smile I replied no, as I was just a friend of his. Being the annoying fellow that I was, I repelled every ounce of goodness she threw my way because my ego got the better part of me. Somehow I was convinced she was making advances at me (seriously who wouldn’t) so I decided to play hard to get even though I loved the movie that was playing out between the two of us.

As we engaged in a discourse, I began to fall for her and that was something unusual because she was quintessentially ugly, had one of the most annoying breathe yet her voice was practically irresistible. So I knew I wasn’t going to get involve with her in anyway but I kept encouraging and endearing her like I was head over heels for her. We met a couple of times and had several dinners, breakfasts and brunches, and I still didn’t make my intentions clear to her while she was making hers overly clear to me that I was her desire.

After eight months of purposeful self-deceit, I decided it was time to let go because the whole world around us had concluded there was this magical love tale we were living out. I invited her to dinner that evening, I had properly planned everything out in such a way that the evening was going to end perfect no matter what we said to each other that night. I got to the restaurant an hour earlier just to be sure my directives were being followed to the letter when I met my seven years long crush who told me she had been crushing on me as well but it was too bad as she already heard stories of my magical love entanglement and how her friend my date for the evening who is also her friend had told her I promised was going to propose that evening.  I lost it immediately and tried to explain to her, but she shushed me off like a troublesome fly. At this point, I was bitter and determined to deal with my date when she arrives because I felt hurt and betrayed.

With bright smiles, a glistering look and her golden voice, she said ‘good evening darling!’ even though her voice was quite soothing, I was too furious to listen to whatever she had to say, ‘I don’t want to see you ever again you two-timing lying bastard with most disgusting breathe on earth’ were the exact words that left my lips. I stormed away feeling fulfilled, even though I felt that was not comely with my words.

It was 9:30pm and it was my favourite television program news around the clock, when her death was announced as breaking news. It was unbelievable and my defensive mechanism wouldn’t allow me shed a tear. I immediately ran to the hospital to confirm what I have heard and this is what I found out:

  • She was graduated as a medical doctor 8years ago specifically as a neurosurgeon and since then she has been rendering her services free volunteering to 8 different hospitals across the country.
  • She is the only surviving child of a billionaire who left her all his wealth, but she gave out 98.6% of all that wealth to charity.
  • She had cancer with just 14months to live and a rot in her lungs that made her breathe stink.
  • She had a fiancé she who was willing to die for her and had promised to propose to her that same evening after she would have finished her dinner with me.
  • She was going to tell me besides her fiancé (who she believed was doing he did for her wealth), I was the only other person who connected with her.
  • She actually came to inform me she had written off all her wealth to me and to beg me to take it and do well with it before she marries her fiancé.
  • The part that pushed me to write this is this is the fact that I was in huge debt before we met that faithful evening 8months before; but the debt that could have taken me 10years to pay off and probably drain me off all my resources was written off by the people I owed was paid by her.

This was the point of realization for me, I felt my soul cowed and my heart practically bled with tears that could wash a mountain, I wish I could take everything back, I wish I was more sensitive, I wish I had people management skills at the time, I still wish I had and did a lot of things but the most hurtful of them all is I wish I didn’t kill angel that day. The words I said to her triggered a heart attack that affected her already damaged lungs. Her last words as they told me when I rushed into the hospital were ‘…there is an angel in him…’  Even in death and hurt from me, she still saw an angel in me.

There you go, I have told it all. So share with me now what are the three things you learnt from my experience above. Write me via my email


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