How I lost my Ego

It was 24th of July in the year of our Lord, 2010 and I was out with a few friends site seeing in the ancient city of Benin. I had this disposition in my persona that made see people as less than me; and with this  I believed it was a privilege to anyone who comes around to be around me.

I lived a boss and every other person seemed to be as a slave. Even the few friends I had around me considers my presence repulsive but they could not help it because I had both the bacon and the bananas. As we strolled down the streets of GRA, we encountered Sharon; the damsel with looka of an angel but the heart of a dove.

Well, I wasn’t so thrilled until Daniel dared me to get Sharon to go home wirh me that same day. I could have said no and simply walked away; because even my chi told me that wasn’t my lucky day. My ego wouldn’t allow me, he kept telling me how awesome I was and how I could get anything I desired.

For sakes of posterity, I will not tell the details of how that evening went down but I will most certain mention that even the dove can be vicious when it needs to be. I got home broken and shattered that day and every other after thay because anytime I try to replay the happenings of that day, virtue goes out of me like ten poundsof flesh. My friends till date never fail to paint the horrors of July 24th, 2016 anytime we are together.

And just like that, my ego left me without any prior information. Today almost everyone who encounters me leaves with a smile testifying to others “he’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met”. Even though that sounds wait for it… Legendary it came at price of mr ego. I learnt one of most important lessons in my life,

Don’t think too highly of yourself, that place you are in that is giving you the chills, someone have been there before, funny enough that place is where someone started from. Your ego can destroy faster than the deadliest disease on earth; which kinda makes it one of the deadliest disease on earth. You are Just one person in this big universe and you can only be as important as you make people feel important.

Ego is not a bad thing at all until it starts making you lose your sanity. Sir and Ma’am you don’t need to have my kinda 24th of July experience before you build bridges and burn paths; just try to spend some time thinking through things before taking any action. In the long run, we are what we do.


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