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How Not To Have A Bad Day

I have come to the realization that people having a bad day has officially become a norm; and I consider that quite bizarre. Well I too use to have a bad day like it was cool but as soon as I knew how having a good day could be interesting and easy too, I have not recorded a bad day in a long while.

So here it goes, a few tips from yours truly on how to have a good day:

  • Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice and if you don’t make that choice, happiness will most certainly elude you. More than a million things that should annoy you will come your way everyday but the moment you realize you have the capacity to decide whether you want to be happy or not, that’s the self same moment you gain control of how your days would turn out.
  • Guard your mind. Everything begins with your mind, so if you can guard your mind against everything and anything that could make you think negatively, then you sure are on your way to always having a good day.
  • Keep no Evil, Store no Hate. So someone insults you or makes you feel bad with words or actions and you want to get angry and plot some evil or store some hate in your heart towards such a person, NO. Do not try any of the above, just have a mind like the wind that every thing gets blown away at almost every minute; let the hurt go with the wind keep joy fully intact.
  • Always do Good. There’s so much fulfillment and satisfaction in doing something that brings joy to others, trust me I have a wealth load of experience in this discourse. Spend the better part of your day putting smile on the face of someone no matter how small, though sometimes it may not be appreciated just keep in mind that you are not doing it for them to appreciate but for you yourself to be fulfilled.

So these are just a few I can share right now because I have to get back to other things, but not to worry I will drop some more when I got more time. If need be write me via so we can share some thoughts. Have a good day.


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