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Don’t Read Books

I discovered as at November 30, 2016 I had successfully about 38 books and like 147 journals. With these statistics, I was too proud of myself, I felt like I was sitting on top of the world and have acquired so much knowledge. I took myself out and gave me a big treat like I have not done in a long while but after all these I came to the point of evaluation. I wrote down the titles of books, journals, articles and every other thing I have read that has a title and tried to analyze the content of each and what I learnt from them and more importantly, what I did with what I learnt from them.

In all, I had over 253 items listed out but the sad part is I couldn’t in all sincerity to myself give a resounding summary to any of them. So I decided to satisfy my ego and act ‘wise’ by using the titles as guides to summarizing them, for the bulky ones and the ones whose titles were quite confusing, I glanced through them and penned down some things. I slept well that night feeling satisfied like I have achieved a lot until three days later when I opened the book of summary to continue and I felt like giving myself a slap after reading the things I wrote that actually gave me ‘fulfilment’.

In all, I discovered I liked the idea of reading books and bragging about it to my friends and foes alike, making references to know authors even though those references are just bizarre imagination of what was meant by these authours. I felt like crying but the tears wouldn’t come out because I would only be making a caricature of my uncanny situation. I sat down and did some serious analysing and concluded that there is more wisdom in understanding a book than in reading it.

Don’t get it twisted here, this is no metaphor, don’t try to read a book if you don’t have intentions of understanding it, except you that sort of person that sees reading as passing time; which is actually a ludicrous ideology. Its better you read one book for 365days and get the full understanding of what it offers so you can apply it than be the person who would read 100books in 50days and can’t tell why you actually started reading the book in the first place.

No knowledge is wasted, but knowledge not applied makes you worse than an ignorant fool who never knew what you know.


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