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How to be Relevant

The human nature tilts towards finding relevance and remaining so by every means possible. Its actually the essence of life in these days, everyone wants to be relevant in their homes, careers, businesses and even in families. Relevance is really one of the keys to having a fulfilled life; at the end of the day we want to hear someone say ‘mr A was instrumental to this & that’. 

There’s nothing wrong in trying to be relevant and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your desire to be relevant, but how you go about your pursuit of relevance is what makes it either evil or good. Some are willing to take the life of another just to find relevance, there are those who are willing to take other people’s joys and not feel horrible about their actions because they want to be relevant. Let me reiterate ‘there’s nothing wrong with being relevant, but how you got to be relevant is what determines if you’re vile or not’.

I’m going to drop a few pointers on how you can become effectively relevant without stealing anyone’s joy or doing anything vile. They appear very simple and wholesome but I double dare you to make a move at them and see if you don’t give up and if they don’t work. The truth is while some desire and strive for relevance, there are those who relevance run after.

  • Understand and practice the concept of love. Everyone wants to be loved no matter how hard hearted someone may seem. A good undertsanding of what love truly is helps you give out love to people, and in love you build a persona that is sort after which puts you on your highway to becoming utmostly relevant.
  • Be good at what you do. You cannot be a doctor who has performed 20 surgeries and lost 18 lives in the process and be relevant. You must consciously with hardwork be that doctor who has performed 10 surgeries and the only one that has a question mark cannot be found among the 10 you’ve done; thats how good you should strive to be. People are attracted to those who have something unique to offer because they just can’t do without you.
  • Do away with Pride & embrace Meekness. Pride is a human repellant that leaves  a man lonely and broken at the appointed time. You are not better than anyone and that place you are in now that’s making your head swell, someone else have been there and some other have gone past there. So why not calm down and do yourself some good by dropping the weight of pride hanging on your shoulders so that relevance can come to you.
  • Just be Kind. Yes, I will mention kindness whether you want to hear it or not. In my fews years on earth, I’ve discovered that little acts of kindness turn out to become saving graces in rainy days. Kindess is one of the most difficult act to practice in recent times because everyone is thinking about me, me, & me; this is so wrong on all levels (but this is not the discourse right now so I’m gonna drop it). Just one kind word said to a broken soul puts that soul in your debt, one simple act of kindness makes people see you differently and appreciate you differently as well.

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