Pray for satan

More than 90% of the world’s problems are blamed on satan; like when a guy beats up a lady and he has to go to jail he simply says “it wasn’t me, its the devil”. Well let’s clarify one thing, the devil’s bad, he’s vile, he’s uncanny but one fact stands unbriddled the devil is only as powerful as we permit him to be.

Now to other things, we have become so conscious of the devil that we blame everything and everyone seems to represent the devil to us. Your child’s acting weird and instead of checking your parental skills, it immediately goes to the devil. Mothers now refer to their daughter’s behaviours as acts of the devil, fathers call your sons’ inability to make something out of their lives a demonic oppression. I have seen a company ran down by a criminal general manager and when caught and charged, he blamed the devil. Some preachers make it difficult too by blaming all the challenges to come to us as an act of the devil.

Truth is even the bible makes us understand that satan’s been bruised and the victory over the devil’s been won so why blame the ‘innocent devil’. It’s all about the choices we make, yes the devil presents us choices but its truly in your power to choose what we want and we must accept the consequencies of our choices. Honestly, God empowers us to be able to make the choices but only if we want to make the right choice.

In summary, you and I are the satan we blame because we tend to give him so much credence got the wrongs we do; which translates to power for him.

Hence I make this call to you and I, let’s pray for the satan in us; indecision, lies, lust, and the likes. Truly, these satans I just mentioned needs our prayer more than we can imagine.


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