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The Philosophy of the Mother Hen

‘work work work’ the mother hen says to her chicks as they go about their day… As the African proverbs say.

The philosophy of the mother hen is often misinterpreted as a reference to the African woman who’s unarguably a strong woman in all ramifications. Yes the Aftican woman is not just any woman, there are so many factors that consciously relagates the capacity of the African woman; ranging from traditions to cultures and even religious belief. Yet, when an African woman is able to go beyond these limitations, she stands tall like a giant man (don’t mind me this is just an aside).

Truly, the ideology behind the philosophy of the mother hen is that of WORK. The mother hen understands the dangers that lies ahead of her, death is imminent to her and her chicks. If she’s lucky to have a good owner, her daily bread and that of her family’s is provided for; in the incidence of a vile family, she must take her children to fetch and feed while preparing for death.

The mother hen knows death is inevitable, but she refuses to go down without a fight. She works her way through everything to leave a mark before she leaves. Whether her owner be wicked or not, she must survive despite imminent death. At her end, the owner would either say ‘this was a good meal’ or ‘this is the most unwholesome meal I’ve tasted’. So she fights and works not just because of herself or her chicks but becasue she knows there is a testiony that she must leave in the mouth of her owner.

The world is messed up, death is imminent and everything seem to be fighting against us, but that’s no excuse to end up a mediocre. In the end, you must leave a mark and an inheritance. You could decide to leave a bad mark where those who come in your name cannot walk the streets without shame or better still you could leave the kind of mark that males everyone want to associate with your name. It is a matter of choice.

The philosophy of the mother hen is that which we must all study and adopt. There’s no substitute for work no matter your beliefs, ideologies or religion. Expectations without imput is pure undiluted criminal mindedness. The year is still young and presents remarkable opportunities only to those who see these opportunitez and are willing to grab it.

So, as you go about your day, keep in mind that the philosophy of the mother hen is not just a proverb or an African ideology but a salient thought pattern that when considered and engaged brings remarkable benefits.


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