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Don’t Say “I Love You”

These days, I love you  seem to be a form of greeting to everyone. Somehow, we have subconsciously created this ideology that the easiest way to get out of a feud with someone who loves us and we have offended is to say I love you. Before now, it use to be the magical I’m sorry, and I wondered why that worked because I don’t see how your saying I’m sorry should automatically wipe away the kind of hurt that takes a life; but time has certainly taught me some tricks that brought some hard lessons with it.

Love in our generation is taken to mean a feeling of affections towards someone or something; and I guess that’s how the dictionaries also put. But then I ask myself, what then is an affectionate feeling if it doesn’t result in commensurate actions? How can I tell someone ‘I love you’ yet my actions are directly opposite the ‘passionate‘ words that are coming out of my mouth?

There are a lot of things we haven’t yet considered about love and I would just mention the few I know:

  • Love is not words. No matter how much you say I love you, if it is not reflected in your action, the person you are giving those words will just see you as a confederate liar. Affectionate words are mediums of expressing our love, but they must not be substituted for actions of love.
  • Love is like a chemical reaction. A physics student trying to achieve a solutions tries several formulas and solutions with expectations. If after several trials, the result is still not achieved he is most likely be discouraged and drop it. If we are giving love and not getting it back, the equation is not complete.
  • Love is a Sacrifice. Don’t claim to love if you not making sacrifices or not willing to make sacrifices. Even God, in His utmost love for gave the life of His only begotten son; so tell me love that cannot sacrifice, is that one love?
  • Love is never about you. The kind of love we practice and celebrate today is that which revolves around ‘me’. As interesting as that may sound, it is preposterously annoying, it’s never about us. Our part in love is to give away ourselves not think of ourselves. Love is not selfish, it always looks out for the one it is meted out to.

My dear reader, don’t be quick to say I love you because the words sounds interesting to your hearing. Say them only because you understand them and you are will to show commensurate actions. If you claim to love God, love Him truly, if you claim to love people around you, love them in sincerity of heart. Let love lead and guide our actions and the world will be a better place.

Okay, this is all I can say for now, my hand aches already but I know you know some truths about love and I would love to read them. Just leave them in the comment box or better still send them to me via


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