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…on the matter of Leadership

The round table feast remains overly fresh in my memory as the events that took place on the same. There we sat in a jolly in our different personalities aligning courses and make things right. On that feast were present captains of industries, controllers and operators of systems, business merchants, orators and the likes. The jolly came to a halt when a question was popped “what is leadership”  amidst the answers that came and spurred great laughter, contention and debate, the orators silenced everyone with their opinion that says “leadership is follower-ship… Many seemed to disagree with this, but there i was in the hollow path engaging my thoughts as i followed the argument.
The orators support the position of the holy books that pinpoints the fact that there is nothing original on this earth, all are just modifications  into several forms, hence there was a process of study which is in other words put as a learning process. The orators further explained that, following simply means learning… hence a man that is not willing to learn should not bother following. In their own words, no one have a “pre-knowledge” of an issues except he commits himself to learn on such issues. The discourse over time changed courses as it was an interplay of intellectual ideas, but the orators yet prevailed as they highlighted that leadership is a product of “sensitivity, sincerity, servanthood, and heart connectivity…” Therefore anyone without these is not fit to lead for the only way to possess these is in the process of following.
They concluded by saying, that hardwork can make one a good leader, but following makes one a great leader. This they meant by saying a good leader works hard to satisfy the people’s need and avoid mistakes; but a great leader is the one whom the people work with to create a balance because he has learnt from his predecessors’ mistakes.
While I sit here in the hollow yet brain storming what side to belong, i present this brief argument above to ask your conscience and judge for yourself what you think about leadership…

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