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A Song of Hope

Though your tents be the gathering spot
Where vain words are uttered on the altar
With lips made from the trodden clays
But is seen everywhere as it is blown by the wind
Conveying thoughts that discredit my proficiency
I will yet rise, like the waves of the ocean
Even when the odds become glaring
And that which awaits appears unwholesome
And the scorners do gather to tell my tales
With raised lids and twisted lips of mockery
Yet before me, do they come with brightened smiles
Shiny tooth that seeks to compare with the moon
Baring with them diluted and ungoodly news
That placates the originality of their personality
Making vain the untainted, brutally tainted
Masquerading the precarious and celebrating mediocrity
Making the sons of my fathers objects of ridicule
I will yet rise, even when my legs have been chopped off
From the depths of the oceans shall it begin
Like a revolution never heard of from among them
For it shall be like the battle of the ant and the elephant
Where the pride of the elephant becomes its flaw
And what you call disadvantage my bane of balance
For the wisdom of the elephant becomes the ants foolishness
Whatever ill thought is held about me by them
Stands as an advantage point to shoot from
For in the folly of a multitude of words
Have my wisdom been activated and awakened
Yet my silence confirms their foolishness in all
Yes, in this will i rise, to the very peak of it all.

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