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…On the Matter of Truth

I remember those good old fashion days where the essence of one’s personality is a product of the amount of sincerity that precedes him him. Then was the time when the yes of men stood as yes. These were the times where fathers would entrust their toddlers with great stuffs; they know their wards could bee trusted. Masters did not need to double check their servants because honesty founded the pillars that have kept the duo in a pact.
I remember the likes of Martin Luther who exemplified the matter of discourse in a more profound term as trust. He likened the matter to be the bane of trust. What man would release his goldmine to the one who has a difference with Truth… These times were forged through battles that have produced today, but these victories were won because the fighters carried with them truth as their strong weapon and unity became their defense. But this struggle has been greatly abused by the so-called Fathers of today, the truth now has become a sour on their lips, offensive to their smell and itchy to their ears.
They front with the truth but celebrate mediocrity in the depth of lies, deceit and dishonesty that they have chosen to bathe themselves in. Let us now gather our thoughts together in all humility and honesty (to those who yet understand the meaning of the word) and forge a new order. I do not propose that which has been proposed; for in these strange times, everything seem to have been proposed and men no longer hold these proposals as valid. But here i am today with my thought and my pen to paper saying “Let us begin the journey of truth with ourselves… I do not speak in innocence, but i speak with an innocent intention. That which we desire is within us, but it can only come out if we start with ourselves. We have with our hands drawn a double-edged destination, and by ourselves must we decide the path to take of the two. Having seen what lies ahead, though i be not a prophet, i posit the path that supports unity and trust. We know what we must do, let us now do that which must be done at all cost. Remember the words of our wise and holy upright Fathers “Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it…” Let us all be wise

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