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The Other Room…

Do you know you seriously need the other room in your life? Like seriously, the other room is that place you need in your home like the bed you need to sleep, the chair to sit, water to bath with and even the food you need to read.

This is not the talk about the ‘the other room’ as we you know it, neither is it about the people involved in the that story, but this content draws reference and inspiration from the original ‘the other room discourse’. 

There’s that special room in every home. Whether it’s a big house or a single room apartment, there’s that place that could be referred to as the other room. It could be the toilet or bathroom, the kitchen or even some place outside the house. It doesn’t have to be a place per say, could be a special time; but whatever it  may be to you its importance cannot be over emphasized.

Now what / where is the other room?

  • The other room refers to a place where you sit down with yourself and do some serious thinking, its a place of self evaluation of reasoning.
  • The other room is the place of  planning. Its that time where you sit down with your inner man and make some serious decisions concerning your tomorrow.

Finally, the other room can be whatever you make of it so you can  make maximum use of it. Its not about the name you wish to call it; if you believe the other room is not good enough a name but more importantly it is about what you do there. So friends, go ahead and find your other room and share your awesome experiences with me later.


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