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How to Start off a Great Weekend

It’s the first weekend in the year 2017 and a lot has happened in the preceding week; some have had a blissful week while others probably a bizarre week. To you, your week may have been the perfect way to start the new year while to some others, its just the most horrible week yet. Not to worry, no matter how your week have turned out, you can have the perfect weekend that will usher you into a yet awesome week ahead, if you would consider the following recipe.

  • Drop the negative vibes. It’s true your week may have been very stressful and probably full of negativity, but don’t let this get to you. Let the troubles of each day be sufficient and let them go with the day. Start this week afresh like a blank check given to you on a platter of gold and fill it only with what you desire to see as the weekend rolls in. Let your words, thoughts and actions be channeled to those things you want to see instead of brooding over the negativity of yesterday.
  • Choose to be Happy. I have mentioned earlier in the week that happiness is a choice unpleasant circumstances not withstanding, hence I’m charging you to make the choice before your week end eludes you to be happy. Do the things that excites you, avoid anything that will jeopardize your joy. Your happiness is solely in your hands.
  • Get Busy. Rumour has it that when a mind is kept idle, anything can take hold of it and channel it in the wrong direction. So get bury in your thoughts, don’t live your mind jobless at any point in time; keep happy and productive thoughts. let your mind help you build bridges to those desires you have.
  • Do Some Good. The greatest satisfaction any man can find in life always comes after a deed of good has be done. Sometimes when I feel broken and need to get excited, I just look for someone and show some love by practicing acts of kindness and truth be told, I have never returned from this endeavour without true joy and satisfaction. So, I encourage you to plan your day with the consciousness that someone somewhere out there must smile because of you.

They may be simple and sound foolish to you, but give them a trial and seeif you won’t have the best day and weekend of your life.


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