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Humble Beginnings

I understand the pressure that some of us are going through right now; especially the young men and women. It is that time when we are constantly challenged to do more, become better, and achieve so much despite unwholesome circumstances that stare us in the face. It is indeed a good thing to have a burning desire to be great and achieve greatness but what we do and how we do it determines the end result for everyone of us.

Your friend may be very rich and seem to have achieved a lot in so short a time that you are under pressure to make something out of your life but my friend don’t get broken just yet, time and chance happens to us all. You put in your best in everything you do; striving for perfection to reach greater heights avoiding crooked paths even when it seems to be the easier and fastest way there, don’t give up just yet. All of us have different times and different purposes. You may see your friend smiling and looking like he has everything you have ever desired but you may not know the secret tears he is sheds, you may not know the thousands of regrets he recounts every night before he goes to bed.

Truthfully, there are those who don’t have regrets or tears to shed at night, yes there are such persons indeed and these are the persons you must admire and observe; they are those with the humble beginnings. Before they got to where they are, they learnt the ropes, invested their time and their lives, and grew. They didn’t just jump or fly to the point where you find them now and envy them, it was a hard gruesome walk. To some, it was a quick walk to the top (sacrificing more than you are willing to) and to others it was a slow walk (sacrificing as much as they can not totally giving all).

Now, the choice is yours, to get to that place you desire, you must be willing to make sacrifices. The more painful your sacrifices, the faster you learn, the quicker you get there. Don’t ever assume the journey to greatness is a jolly one except you have accepted to take everything that comes your way along the journey as a jolly.

Do not despise your humble beginnings! You may be starting small now and it is looking too slow, don’t forget others started from where you are now; there are those who even start from worse than where you started from still, there are those who are dying to get to where you are right now. Don’t give up just yet, no matter how long and how hard you have tried, remember its always darkest before dawn. See you at the top.


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