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Building Bridges

Most times we encounter different people and take it casual. Every person or people you meet are fated to cross your path, and if you mistreat anyone you encounter now what would happen when you are in a dire need and that person you mistreat today has the help you need?

In life, we must learn that our journey and adventure is not complete without the next person; though we end our journies alone. No one is an island and no one alone can be suffiecient for himself. At some point, you need the market for food, the taxi for mobility and the list is endless. Hence, we must learn to build bridges.

The contact you make with someone today could be the bridge you need to get across the next ocean of life that would come your way. With the understanding that we do not know what tomorrow holds for us all, wisdom demands that we treat no one with levity.

Let our actions and relationship with one another be properly seasoned with love. The world is indeed a small village despite the over 7billion people therein. Think always before you act, let there be reason in the words you speak per time, let every decision be taken with tomorrow in view. 


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