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15 Power Quotes for 2017

Your depth of knowledge is a product of your depth of studies.

You are only as wise as you study.

Silence is a voice that speaks over a billion words in just one moment.

Your greatest weapon is your mind.

There is a seed of greatness in you, but only you can activate it.

No one is better than you; you have just not found what makes you exceptional.

The world is not complete without your input.

Hard work does not kill you; it is foolish work that kills.

Don’t leave this world without leaving your footprints on the shores of life.

There is nothing like weakness, it’s just an excuse to be irresponsible.

Wealthy people don’t pursue wealth but meet needs.

Work hard till you don’t have to introduce yourself to anyone.

Your present position is a product of your choices before now.

Sometimes it’s easier to face the past and learn from it.

Don’t build castles in the air when the land is still void.


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