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Success with less Effort

It is a popular ideology that without hard work, success is not achievable; as true as it may sound, I have my reservations to this ideology. Don’t get me wrong here, I am a die hard fan of hard work but some folks don’t really get the concept of hard work. Really, if hard work were the pointers to hard work all the factory workers and those who labour with great strength should be the most successful people on earth; again I must reiterate that I do not mean to downplay work that requires great strength but to bring to bear the onus of what hard work really is.

One of my mentors told me in one of our encounters that “it is not hard work that results in success but smart/wise work” because by your strength alone, you cannot get anything done. Have you wondered why those who earn more in the blue chips industries are those who do tactical and technical work (most times requiring the mind), meanwhile, those who do the labour and strength induced work barely get enough to feed them.

Hard work is not in strength but in wisdom. The level of knowledge you acquire builds up your store room of wisdom and any work done with wisdom requires less effort but brings remarkable results. No man who uses strength alone can achieve good success on any matter but with wisdom ,you may not lift a single finger and everything will just work out fine.

What then is Effortless Success?

  • It is success with little strength and more tactics.
  • It is not dubious but a product of clearly thought out plans.
  • It is more of smart work and less hard work.
  • It is soft work coupled with mind work.
  • It is acquiring necessary knowledge to get things done.

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