The Power of Prayers

When growing up, we were taught that prayer is a communication between man and God. This definition of prayer in the Christendom is the most potent you can ever find; yet I wonder why it is just in theory. There is this young girl back then in school after hearing the meaning of prayers locked up herself one morning after her morning devotion studies and decided to pray; that is to speak to God and hear Him speak. It was indeed a very dramatic scene that fateful day that brought almost the whole school to her doorstep.

The house master, student care taker and the principal came and beckoned on this girl to come out of the room, but she refused insisting that if she doesn’t hear from God her prayers are not complete. She eventually came out that day with evidence of hearing from God after she told the principal and house master in secret some things about them she claimed to have hear from God, and we believed her because our principal then was the lion of the tribe of the school yet he came out humbled after talking with the girl in question.

The point here is, we really don’t get anything from the many hours we invest in prayers because our concept of prayer is tender your requests to God and leave Him to do the rest, meanwhile in the place of prayer, God truly wants to commune with us. The day I decided to fully accept this definition of prayer was the day I heard from God Himself. Many a time, we are just screaming, shouting and crying for nothing when truly after every prayer, God either gives an instruction or a direction.

The power in prayers is not in how long you prayer or how eloquent you are; It’s not how passionate you are but the understanding you have. Remember, prayer is a communication with God, and not the other way round. So as you go about your day making prayers to God, always find time to listen after you have spoken He is always saying something we are just not listening.


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