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Train Your Mind

A good friend once told me “You are a product of your thoughts” and since I heard these words, I have consciously tried to observe the potency therein. I engaged in a research wherein I placed my mind on one of my utmost desires for a period of three months; I’m not talking about obsession here, I mean a productive thinking process that kept pondering on how to turn these desires into tangible results.

In the process, I discovered that this desire of mine is a difficult one to achieve hence I sought ways to get around the difficult presented in my desires. Now in reality, it seemed practically unrealistic but in my mind I have it in my hands. I decided to take practical approaches to move this desire beyond my thought into practical reality. In all sincerity, it wasn’t as easy as it may sound but after several approaches, things started changing for good. By the fourth month, my desire was a done deal and I was celebrating.

It was in the evaluation process I discovered that the major hindrance to this desire of mine before now was my mind. In my mind, I had concluded that this could only be a desire for me because it appeared too big for me to achieve. In my mind, I was too small and the task was too big for me, and for this reason, I didn’t take any practical step to see my desires into reality.

It’s all in the mind. Each of the battles that come our way at any point in time can only be won if our minds are properly shaped. The lion is not the biggest animal in the jungle, but it is the strongest; as it is, even if we come across a wounded lion we want are prompted by our subconscious to take to our heels because our mind have been packaged to see the lion as dangerous. A friend who walks as a zoo keeper told the story of how they placed one of their dead lions on display in front of the cage and everyone who came close took to their heels; there were those who even fainted in the process. This is the mind at work.

Build your mind, feed your subconscious. Don’t just accept things the way they come, sit back and do some thorough thinking, ask questions and analyze probable answers before you conform yourself to the norm. The norm is a very dangerous enemy that promotes stagnation in its highest form; don’t accept, don’t say not just be sure. Train your mind to think aright. There is always a way out and even when the way looks uncertain it only affirms that there could be better not that the end has come.

The battle of the mind is the greatest battle there is to fight in the whole of humanity therefore, train your mind, arm your thoughts. Like an army, let your mind be fed continuously with the necessary weapons so that when an enemy comes, your mind will be equipped to fight your way through and be eventually victorious. Train your mind.


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