Rise Above Your Limits

Everything around us today makes it practically impossible to live beyond the average. Although the desire to rise above the average is a constant, but the capacity to do so is a preposterous variable. The economic situation across the globe militates against the realities of rising above the average. At some point, I concluded that it was an impossible task to rise beyond the place where I was; because nothing seemed to be working despite all the effort I was putting into my work. Sometimes, it may be seem that you are too late and at other times it may appear that you are just a copycat; and all that is left is to give up. I became comfortable with where I was because progress was not in sight.

It’s possible that you have found yourself in the same situation, where everything seems to be going down despite your tireless efforts. You may have tried all there is in the book and even propounded your own theories all in a bid to get ahead but I got some strong word for you don’t give up just yet. It’s easier to just get comfortable with your present position than to pay some more prices (despite all you have paid already) but only those who are made for greatness will rise above their limits.

Really, you have tried but truly have gone beyond your limit? Until you have gotten to your limit and broken yourself to the point where you live and breathe your utmost desire of rising above the average; you shouldn’t say you have done all there is to be done. I discovered in time that I was just deceiving myself along the way, I was just accepting things the way they came because I was not ready to pay the price.

If you are not willing to break your bones and cut excesses then you shouldn’t desire to rise above the limit. My experience made me discover, there is no gain without some pain; and sometimes the pain could be so deep that may push some to give up but I’m telling you now, leverage on that pain and use it as a propeller. There are remarkable lessons to learn from such pains, and if you give up instead of learning then you are not meant for better than average class. Don’t dismay, don’t weep, get angry at where you are and in no distant time, you will be smiling. See you at the top!!!


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