The World Needs Heroes

I find it hard to understand the concept of heroes in our world today; the American view has given the young generation the ideology that being a hero is about super powers and magical capabilities. I have heard my 13year old niece wished once that she has the powers of a mother confessor so she would be able to tell when anyone is lying to her.

Despite the general perception of heroes I have been able to do a juxtaposition that makes everyone a hero if only you want to be one.

  • Heroes are Selfless. It is not the super powers that make the heroes we see on televisions; yes the super powers are just enablement but one of the outstanding virtues of heroes is their acts of selflessness. Every hero puts others before themselves; their desires and wants are relegated to the background while they seek to make those around them happy.
  • Heroes are Meek. I have not seen any hero who becomes one without the attribute of meekness. Most times there tend to be enormous expectations from the ones we consider heroes; without meekness its practically impossible to stay on the course of hero-ship. That friend can hurt you, and do all sorts of things that makes you want to give up on them but with the power of meekness, a hero stays on despite prevailing circumstances.
  • Heroes are Kind. How do explain someone giving up their rest time to put smile on the face of another; or ride the four corners of the earth just make someone other than themselves feel comfortable; it’s simply a remarkable act of kindness.
  • Heroes have Super Powers. I know someone is about to refer me to my earlier statement where I said heroes are not heroes because of their super powers therefore I must reiterate my earlier statement; heroes are not heroes because of their super powers yet super powers are the unique nature of a hero. The super power I am referring to here is the not the one that comes with the red cape or the one that makes us spit fire but it’s in the little kind deeds we do.

There is this kid on my block that I always get candy for every time on my way from the office, this made me friends with his family and friend to all the kid on the block. On this faithful day on my way back from the office I was accosted by mobsters who sort to strip me off my wares, I had concluded in my mind that I had lost all my valuables that day but out of nowhere, another group of young men came around and fought off the mobsters, returned my wares and saw me off to my apartment. I eventually discovered that these young men were brothers to those kids I got candy for and they were thanking me for being good to their folks; there and then I understood the potency of small acts of kindness and there my super power was inherent. At another time, I encountered the mobsters again and while I was trying to abscond, they came close and greeted me like I was an untouchable boss; men I felt like I was sitting on top of the world.

The point therefore is, to be a hero is not as difficult as it may sound it is a decision you have to make. Ask yourself if you are willing to put others before yourself, if you are willing to show kindness despite unwholesome circumstances, be certain if you would give the world to put smile on the face of someone who probable backbites you. You don’t have to be on the national television before you can be a hero, as I was a hero to that kid on my block; you too can be a hero to that woman who needs food to eat, that man wears the same shirt all day and all week long, they don’t have to come beg you first before you show your act of kindness you too can be a hero if you really want to be a hero.


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