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Fear Complex

The greatest enemy to success is fear. Once fear sets in, we are more often than not compelled to withdraw, with considerably potent yet self-deceiving excuses. The reason many people don’t take steps towards achieving their desires is mostly fear of failure. I have heard people say, I have this great business idea that I believe if I share with someone else, they could take and make millions out of it, then when you ask them what is holding them back from executing those ideas they give flimsy excuses that still comes down to fear.

I have taken time to study and analyze fear and my discovery opened my eyes to the reality that fear of success most times is spurn from untamed ego. I had this project in mind I have nurse for more than 6years and planned towards. At every point in time when it seems right to start the execution process I create a set of excuses that made me feel comfortable with procrastination. I either tell myself it’s not yet time and I need to do some more research or I just believe the resources required are not available. Until I came to the point of realization where I had to do some thorough evaluation, I didn’t even know where my challenge hinged. At first, I concluded it was fear of failing but when I asked myself important questions as what am I afraid of? Will taking this step end my life? Is this project meant to make or mare me?  This was when I discovered that the fear I thought I had was thinking of what people would say. So check yourself, if the major fear behind the fear is what would people say then, you need to do some thorough thinking.

The people factor have held many dreams down and even locked up great minds. I am telling you now, everyone have their secret battles they fight day in day out and no one really is watching you except you are asking their attention. It took me another year to be able to adequately deal with the ego that held me back for six years; I was trying to conquer that pride that was always considering the opinion of others because I discovered it had held so many things down in my life. And  by the time I had successfully fought and won this battle, I kick started my project with a likeminded partner and in less than a year we were doing so great that other people came around to learn from us.

Take your life in your hands and break the jinx. Fear of failure is a jinx empowered by ego; once you can put every untamed ego in check then you can achieve more than your expectations.


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