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God is Not a Magician!

I have seen a lot of church folks who tend to be so spiritual yet they are so poor; not just financially but also in knowledge and every area of life. They make it seem like serving God is a death sentence that makes you look like a reject. The few who manage to make ends meet do so with so much stress yet they are comfortable with the way they are, keeping the belief that is the will of God for them. I am not a preacher but then I must share my revelation; God’s will and desire for every human is to live above the average and leave lasting marks on the earth, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. Now, despite His will and desire for you, He has made it a matter of your choice whether you want that or not. He made the rains so that if you desire to eat you must have to farm, but a man who doesn’t farm and desires to eat must have the capacity to purchase food stuffs.

In truth, we tend to mistake being religious for being spiritual. Spirituality is a conscious with God that gives you access to divine revelations resulting in exploits. Therefore, if you are spiritual and all I mentioned above is not evident in your life then you should check yourself. God loves work so much that He made it clear that He will bless the works of our hands. In the creation discourse, He took out six days out of seven to work yet we believe taking seven days out of seven to pray with no work would amount to something. God is not a magician, He has principles that He himself upholds therefore we must not in our ignorance or callousness expect God to do everything for us.

A friend of mine once told me, God gave us brains so that the things that we can comprehend and think through we wouldn’t have to go to Him for all that; yet the in reality we do the reverse. Enough of the self-deceit and shenanigans, we need to be practical in our approach. There is so much confusion and tension when it comes to Christianity because the circulation of unwholesome thoughts is the order of the day.

Don’t get caught in there, that place where you don’t know the difference between being spiritual and being religious. Religion is man’s way to escape the truth but Spirituality is God’s way to bring us into His reality. The danger of spirituality is mistaking religion for spirituality; a religious person cannot be spiritual and a spiritual person cannot be religious because both of them operate on different revelation base. Get to work so that you can realize the fullness of your God given potentials. There is no substitute for work; God will only bless the works of your hands not the prayers of your lips, for faith without work is death.


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