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A Beautiful Soul

There’s this friend some years ago I observed almost everyone seemed to like him; you can barely hear anyone speak evil of him. I was temted to believe it was because of his looks; and yes he is remarkably handsome, but the fact that both males & females loved him my desire to know the secret rekindled.

After 18months of dogged observation, I discovered the following:

  • He is comely. This young man is the most comely person I have ever encountered in my life. His simplicity, objectivity and mature way of relating with people is unparalled; no matter what is happening per time he has a way bringing calm even if it were going to hurt him at any point.
  • He is Understanding. There was a scenario where we went to get some groceries, it was the last one that he had paid for but he stepped out to greet a friend and on his return, the attendant told him he mistakenly sold it to someone who just left the shop. If he got angry and reacted his actions wiuld have been justified because I knew he needed that item; but he simply put a smile on his face and told the attendant not to worry as we carried all we bought to the car. This was striking to me because I knew we had checked across the city for that item and he specifically needed it for a health issue, yet he played it like nothing happened and he didn’t mention anything about again.
  • He is friendly. He was always receptive no matter who it was. He doesn’t care how you look or public perception of your personality, he receives you the way you are and tells you things that would make you be a better person.
  • He is Sincere. With the kind of love lavished on him, it is expedient to expect praise singing with a sugar coated tongue but the reverse is the cars. He is comely but sincere to a fault; he tells you just as it is while encouraging to be better than you are. If he notices the tuth annoys you, he would tell you in such a way that you will be happy he told you.
  • He is Kind & Caring. This guy takes people’s problems so personal that you would think he was part of the discourse from he onset. He cares like you are his personal property, priceless to him so that he does not toil with you. 

In summary, this man has a uniquely beautiful soul that I admired. Today, I could say I have been able to beautify my soul because I just had to learn from him. I consciously work my way into people’s lives not because I need anything from them but because one of the greatest bringers of joy is fulfillment derived from putting smile on the face of some other person.

I may not have gotten to that point I want to get to, but I’m consciously make moves to ensure my sould is beautified and it remains beautiful.


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