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How to Get Power

Some men trust in their riches as a source of power, some trust in their influence and position and use that to ride over others, there are those who see their intellect as a potent source of power; but the common denominator in all of these sources of powers is that they are diminishing in the long run; when the man with riches eventually gets his wealth drained out, his power automatically drains out alongside. The man who uses his position to display power becomes powerless when he loses his position and so is the man who trusts in his intellect; he could get mad and his power becomes a tale to be told.

In my few years on earth, I have seen that the major drive of humanity is the desire to gain power. Everyone wants to be the in charge and have others subject to them but not many understand the true nature of power. Power not understood is part of the problems the world is facing today; some just want power to punish others, there are those who desire power just to bully others yet power is not truly understood. I know you probably want to know what power is if it’s not one of the above mentioned well here is my analysis. If power is for you to be in charge of another person have you considered the fact that someone else is fighting tooth and nail to be in charge of you? If power is for you to oppress others have you considered the fact that we will all leave this earth one day?

We fight for power for all the wrong reasons and that is why it eludes us. I have seen people command so much respect that culminates in power by simply being themselves. Power is more potent when accrued with little or no effort or consciousness.

People mistake wealth and position for power that the real powerful people in this world are in the secret making you think what they want while you believe in your ignorance that you have seen all there is to see. The richest man is not the most powerful man (quote me anywhere), he may be the most recognized and outspoken but with my experience in the media I have come to understand that powerful people simply use puns whose voices are accepted to sell their agendas. The most powerful man is the man whom the man you think it is the most powerful submits to.

Have you wondered why Teachers of the gospel of Christ command so much respect; it’s simply because the one you are thinking is powerful submits to them. I have seen a politician well respected and revered yet answers to the advice of his pastor; now isn’t that what you should consider power! This power is willing submission to the will of another because you trust their judgement; their shortcomings notwithstanding.

The best way to get power is by allowing others willingly submit to your personality. No one will submit to a man they don’t trust or cannot hold responsible. No one wants to allow a wicked and heartless man prevail over them; they are looking out for the real you when the chips are down and all you have left is yourself, if you would uphold your words or you will allow the situation get the best of you. Hence the easiest way to accrue true power is to build a personality that stands out amongst others; that is, everyone finds something good in you no matter the bad that may also be in you and they are willing to give their will power over to you. Yes, it is this simple! Don’t forget you only think it’s simple in words try it and see if you will not be amazed at the outcome.

Don’t forget, money can get you power, fame can make you feel powerful, your position can accrue you some powers but all these diminish in the long run but you integrity stands and speaks for you across time, even in your absence you could be more powerful than you can ever imagine.


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