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The Power of Persistence

Experience has taught me that one of the greatest virtues anyone can possess is patience coupled with persistence. You cannot achieve anything tangible in life if you have an attitude of giving up because of challenges. All the great men that have left their marks on the earth are those who had patience and were persistent.

The common factor that leads to failure in our generation to today is our inability to remain steadfast; we are easily thrown overboard when certain challenges come our way. It has become easier to let go than to press on; and the truth is not because it is really easy to let go but that is the option we chose, as it appears more significant. I remember the story of a man who was told by his father that in their land at their country home were buried large amounts of gold worth hundreds of millions in dollars. This man was heavily indebted and found this news a remarkable opportunity to settle his debt and make a fortune; he started to dig across the land in a bid to fetch out this hidden treasure. He dug 6 feet across the entire land that took him about 723 days and he was bitter because he yet found nothing. His wife tried to encourage him that they should continue to dig as the treasure may be closer than they think, but his anger wouldn’t allow him. He resolved within himself to sell the land and settle his debt. In the wake of the New Year, the young man who bought the land continued to dig and he found such large amount of gold that weighed about 8000kg in a the time worth over $300million. And this is exactly how the owner of the land lost millions just because he couldn’t wait a little longer.

Now this is the perfect example of how dangerous lack of patience can be. If only he stayed a little longer and continued, he would have possessed the millions that the treasure was worth.

No matter the challenges, you need to hold on and consciously develop that virtue called persistence. It’s not just about the patience it must be backed up with persistence because this is what makes the patience produce results.


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