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Gainful Thinking…

We have come to understand that to a large extent, we are a product of our thoughts. You are what you think; your body moves in the direction of your thoughts and as such your actions are preceeded by your thoughts. Our thoughts are a very powerful weapon that many people have not come to understand and this is the major reason a lot of folks live their lives based on luck and guess work.

If you are what you think, then what do you think? Controlling your thought content and pattern is a sure way to improving your life and well being. Instead of worrying about a particular challenge, spend productive time thinking of how to come around that challenge by seeing it as a stepping stone to greater heights. Challenges are like hurdles to the athletes during a race, and before a grand finale race all the athletes practice and train on several approaches on how to handle the challenges before them; and for certain it is the man who discovered the best way to go over those hurdles that wins the race.

Don’t be broken or hopeless, you should know if you don’t already that you are not the first person to go through that challenge and you certainly can’t be the last. A lot of people and even generations are waiting to hear of your story and learn from you, you had better not disappoint yourself and your maker. You can either be a bad example or a reason for someone’s success tomorrow and it comes down to what you thought of that resulted in the actions taken.

You can be the best and you can ne greater than those before you. You just need to understand your challenges and make good out of them by engaging yourself in gainful/productive thinking.


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