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Time & Chance

Time and Chance are two very potent forces that even the bible and other religious books recognize their potency. In life, almost everything is affected by tome and chance.

More often than not, it has been said that time is a scarce commodity yet ephemeral. You can’t get back one second lost hence the necessity to be time prudent. It could be your time at anytime but if you are not ready for it then you might as well never be ready for it. Many people are stagnant or unproductive today because they didn’t understand the mystery of time. If you waste time you was life, when you manage time you manage life; whatever you do with eventually turns out to be what you do with your life. Time is not just a unit of measurement but the underlying factor that tells your story without you knowing.

At different times of our lives people have expectations from us; at age two you are expected to start working, at six you should be communicating effectively, at sixteen puberty should manifest, at thirty you should be married, and the expectation list is endless yet very few grasp this harsh reality. If you are not doing what you should be doing at a particular time of your life then silent story you are telling is that you have wasted your time.

Chance on the other is a close relative of time, in somd contexts they are used interchangeably. Chances are opportunities that if you are not prepared when they come, you lose out and they locate the next available and prepared person.

The first month in the year 2017 is coming to an end already, the clock is ticking and time is being spent. What is your achievement thus far, how would you measure up yourself in relation to your plans and expectations of 2017? Check again and be sure you are no lagging behind, take staps you need to, learn a trade if you have to, start a career, stop talking about that plan make it work already. Time and chance may come and if you’re not ready you will tell the story of steps you didn’t take that should have been taken.


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