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Think like the Boss Act like the Janitor 

Being a boss appears so easy that every Dick and Harry believes they could be the boss. You see entrepreneurs with great potentials rising and commanding respect but just along the line, they vanish into thin like they never existed. Well, it’s not because they stopped doing business but the most disastrous reason is simply because they didn’t know how to think. 

Some bosses don’t understand that owning the business doesn’t give you any liberty to do your will; many people depend on that business and if handle the business with levity it will eventually crash leaving you a none entity. The business may be in your care as the founder but it should grow to the point where you have founders; automatically making you the reference point for that like. The best way to handle the business and be a successful boss is to Think like the Boss and Act like the Janitor.

The typical janitor is a man or a woman with kids at home to take of; either a single parent or the one bring home the bacon, which ever way he’s someone ladened with responsibilities that he cannot afford to joke with his job.

The janitor takes care of all the dirt in his area of assignment. Dont get carried away by the title of the boss; see the responsibility it comes with. If the business fail you fail, you must thus be ready to clean up the dust come along as you go on in the business.

The janitor is the least paid with a chunk of responsiblities, yet he some how manages to handle his responsiblities and still save up for his child’s college education. Don’t be the boss that sees the business as an ATM, differenciate between capital & profit. Spend like you could destroy your business if you’re not careful.

The janitor understands what losing his job means for his family hence he’s always on time. Be the on time boss that the only thing that makes you appear late is the business itself. The on-time boss is the smart boss who knows what is happening at all times.

Don’t forget, Boss is just the title, it is the responsibility that comes with the title that brings home the bacon!


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