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Business Success 101

Success in business is not rocket science neither is it a trial and error activity; it is simply work. There’s no one who does not have the capacity to succeed, the only thing that holds us back is our perception of success. Anyone not passionate in his desire for success will watch others succeed and call them names. Don’t expect any success in your business if you are not ready to work.

A young lady I had a session with some time ago told me of how she just desires to start a business that if she sees the capital she wants, in two years she should be mentioned among the most successful people alive. This assertion got to me because even I desire success as well, so I asked her about the business and the capital she wants and for about 90minutes, this intelligent young lady just articulated to me how shallow and unprepared she was for the venture she was getting into. She was just talking about a business I understood so well and I know very well the challenges inherent therein; I just asked her some questions based on my robust knowledge and at the end of the day she discovered the business she was dying to get into was something she’s not willing to commit herself to. The bottom line is, she was getting into the business because of the profit she has heard the business yields but the work that produces the profit she never asked about.

This is the beginning of failure for any business; getting into a business because of the profit. From my observation of the most successful businesses in the world, I have discovered that the success these businesses enjoy is a product of passion. Any business you get into should be one you love so that when the time for the work comes you will enjoy doing it. No matter the pay anyone offers you, if it is not something you love to do, you will wear off in the long run.

There is no success without work. The more you are willing to work, the more you are likely to achieve in business success. Be passion driven and not profit inclined. The desperation for profit is what leads to frustration in many businesses because our angle of priority is misplaced. There is plenty work demanded for the smallest amount of success we see; hence the need to locate that thing that gives you joy so that working will be fun.


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