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The Successful Song Minister 101

In a vocal training class I was privilege to handle some years ago, I saw young people who were desperately passionate about being successful song ministers; they pray for it and crave for it like they could die yet what I observed is that they were going about it the wrong way. During my private sessions with the trainees, a young man once asked me how long should he to pray for in a 2hours rehearsal time. The question was interesting and I needed him to have a grand understanding and practically answer the question himself so I made him sing a song to my hearing and by the time he was done I felt like crying as his voice was hurting me but I had to hold myself.

The truth is we like to find the easiest way out of doing things and since prayer seems quite easy compared to burning 4hours rehearsing two lines of song, a lot of song ministers pray much more than they work on themselves. When you try to talk to advise them they become so pious that you may be forced to question the potency of your walk with God at that instance. The bible out rightly spells it out that faith without work is death.

Prayer is like the lubricator for a good song minister. Any car engine without oil is sure to get broken down; and it is that if a car engine has oil and no fuel you can’t move that car. As much as you pray, you must put a lot of work into that ministry. When you are called upon to minister in songs, you are not expected to come and pray, you have to sing and if your voice is not good enough there is no anointing that will flow.

Don’t substitute training and work with prayers; both of them go hand in hand. Pray like your life depends on it for your music ministry but more so, work, train, and improve yourself because it is your voice that God will work through. If David’s voice wasn’t good enough, if he was singing off-key or missing timing he probably would have brought in more evil spirit into Saul instead of casting them out with his music.


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