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Why do they hate me?

It gets to that point where it feels like everything and everyone is against us despite all we do. Sometimes, we consciously demonstrate acts of kindness that displeases us just to get people to like us. Some of us have tried giving almost everything we have just to win people’s likeness and it appears to be a continuous waste of productive time and resources. You try to figure out what you have done and what you can do to remedy the situation but nothing seems to be working.

In your own opinion, you are a nice person with a loveable character that should make you enviable so the hatred that comes your way makes you wonder if the world has turned against you.

The truth is what you need to do is a full scale self-evaluation not just a subjective analogy of your personality. If you are hated it is certain that you are either doing something you shouldn’t do or you are doing something your haters can’t do. Let me first establish the fact that haters are a necessary part of life, absence of haters is a confirmation that you are not making progress in life. Hence there’s no need to bother yourself about the haters you got around you because you as a matter of necessity need them to advance in life. Having established this, it is important to note that understanding your haters determines if you are making progress or retrogressing.

I was surprised some years ago how it was that everyone hated me. I was funny, a smooth communicator and a friendly brother, yet everyone seemed to detest me. This started like a joke and before I could understand what was happening, I had become a lone ranger. Though an introvert, I like to just have people around me especially when I’m excited; I thus set out to understand what was happening with me. I discovered that this whole thing started from someone whom I offended and decided to hit me back. He went around telling folks I was saucy and disrespectful and because he told it for so long and with unwavering consistency, everyone began to believe. I got angry and decided to start a payback plot; I planned it so well that if that plan worked he probably would have committed suicide until a friend spoke to me asking me questions that I didn’t bother to ask myself. I did a crucial self-evaluation and I discovered I had an annoying level of sauciness; it was so bad that if someone acts to me the way I acted to others I could practically slap such a one.

I concluded it was time for me to do some work on myself. I immediately took up a session that addressed the challenges I had. It was a very tough work that took me quite some time to be able to scale through but in the long run I observed that everyone that seemed to hate were all rallying around me like ants who have found sugar; I was amazed at the person I had become. Honestly, I didn’t lose all my haters because I need some but my life turned a remarkably awesome leaf.

In a nutshell, haters are not there to mare you if only you understand what to do; if I had gone ahead with my revenge plan it would have added a new name to the saucy they were already calling me and I also would not have discovered that I really needed to work on myself. Don’t hate them because they hate you, just turn their hate to a spring board for you to get your next level in life.


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