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Worship Leader 101

For the purpose of this discourse, I will define worship as “slow paced songs with a consistent tempo flow”.

When I step into a church, my first point of call is the choir more so because I am in the music ministry and when I hear worship in some places, I am confused as to what is being done. I have seen a great worship session tear people’s spirits apart and have them yearn for more of God in them and yet I have seen worship sessions that after the worship I feel like sitting down having my own personal worship session to fill up for the time I have lost listening to the just concluded session.

With my observation, I want to duly point out some challenges that lead to empty worship sessions.

  • Preparation: don’t be excited to take a worship session if you’re ready to prepare for it. Worship is a very sensitive aspect of every service therefore, the worship leader must prepare for it like it’s a final exams else you can bring your beautiful voice and sing away God’s presence instead of commanding His presence.
  • Imitation: when worship leaders try to sing like someone they’ve heard that sounded good to them it becomes a show. People are looking at you and observing you, with a deep sense of expectation that you will drive them into the presence of God and then you come around sounding like someone they know, that is a major turn off. Instead of being blessed they start analysing how your voice and style sound like Mr. A or Mr. B. You are unique and God gave you the talent and the ministry to be a voice not to promote some other person’s voice.
  • Prayers: a lot of worship leaders believe taking worship is so easy that they don’t consciously pray for their worship sessions to be impactful. In your preparation, you should pray with purpose an intent, calling down God’s manifest presence in that worship session you would be leading. Envision how you want to see the Holy Spirit move and pray earnestly for it to be a reality.
  • Expectation: this is the summation of all the challenges. There is no form of expectation from the worship leaders which makes it difficult for the power of God to move. If you have an expectation, you will prepare crucially for that session and with God, the expectation of the righteous (you) will not be cut short.

These are but a few to mention. Remember, we are God’s vessels and you can either be vessel unto honour or dishonour; the choice is yours and its made by the actions you take after reading this. Have a blessed day!



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