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Music Minister 101

In my experience as a minister of songs, I have come to understand that we are not just called to be ministers but we are ministering leaders; that is our ministry is not one like the Pastor or teachers who release the word of God, we are to be carriers and givers of God’s presence.

The story of David is one I have not been able to recover from since I caught a light from the scriptures in 1 Samuel 16:14-23. David understood his ministry so well that he grew to become a recommended minister. The bible makes us understand that David’s playing of the harp was quieted Saul from the evil spirit that troubled him.

As a music minister, we must consciously improve on ourselves both in talent and in the Spirit. If it was just the spirit David had, he wouldn’t have been recommended because Saul’s servant described him as one who is exceptionally good, and if it was just talent, he would have probably been recommended but he wouldn’t have delivered on what he was needed for. The man David was a refined harpist who carried the presence of God and releases it as he goes about his ministry.

If you have not gotten to that point where your ministry minsters to you, then please don’t attempt to minister to people; we are called to be carriers of God and only a carrier of God can call down the presence of God. We must get to that point where we minister for impact not for acknowledgement. I remember a ministration I was to have some time ago, I was just given a spot because one of the big guests didn’t show up and they needed that space to be filled, but after the ministration that day, I became a regular for their concerts and programs. People are looking for the anointing, they celebrate the talent along the way but their utmost desire from you as a minister is to release the anointing of God at work in you; it becomes a preposterous case when you actually have nothing to offer.

David played till he chased out devils from the life of Saul. That is what people what to see when you minister and this is not attainable if you not worshipping in Spirit and in truth, and if you are not consciously improving yourself.

Start today to walk in the consciousness of your calling. You can’t be reckless in anything you do; you can’t be in one spot and hoping to impact people. Scriptures makes us understand that faith without work is death; don’t expect the Holy Spirit to express Himself through you when you are not ready. God loves diligent people and He uses them. Therefore, to be used by God as a music minister, you must be improving both in your walk in the Spirit and in your talent as a songster.


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