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Finding Relavance pt1

I was at a spot where I was remarkably insignificant in my music ministry. I knew I was blessed with a good voice thst I had taken time to develop over the years, yet I was the nore insignificant.

For a while I thought it was normal  A price paying phase but it seemed this phase longer than it should be. I prayed and fasted about the situation be cause I needed to breakthrough until sometime ago where God humbled me with the grace for humilty.

By my standard I was perfect, doing well but needed improvements but God made me understand that my standards were not His & I had issues to deal with. It took me two long years to be able to understand and put to practice the lessons learnt.

Pride, assumption, individuality, self righteousness were the hinderances to my breakthrough yet these were caused by me.

The point simply is, relevance is only accorded by God to those who have met His standard. Take time out anf talk to the find; ask Him why you are where you are, what you need to do, how you need to do it & when you should do ot.


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