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A Teary February

So I have been very busy with some works and clients that I barely had time to come here and share some experiences but since it’s the beginning of a new month and I got something very important to share I’m dropping by.

For hose who have followed me closely, it’s easy to conclude I’m a calculated person, well focused and goal getting. So, I had some goals I bench marked for February 2017; mostly financial. I made some funny yet interesting investments that were meant to yield resounding returns. I did something I decided not to do again because of economic constraint on clients and it bounced back hard on me.

At the end of the day, all my capital have gone like the wind whose direction is not detectable; only felt. I lost so much that I was wondering if this was me or someone other person entirely because the snares I fell into are those I could have easily avoided but a level of greed and lust crept into me. It was so bad that a few of my clients noticed my disposition anytime we had a session. Truth be told, I lost hard because I failed to think hard.

The point is, sometimes we make plans and set out goals but it requires a very high level of discipline to be to stick to our plans. I had a plan, a very good plan and with all my knowledge one wouldn’t expect me to make all the mistakes I’ve made but still I made them simply because my level of discipline was too low to carry me through. Hence, we must consciously and daily improve on our discipline level, paying prices and meeting targets even when it tends to hurt.

Now, perhaps you have fallen into the same ditch like myself let me remind you, it’s not a crime to fall but it’s an error not to get back on your feet after a fall. All you require is in you, just take the bold step and make the necessary move conditioning yourself this time to adhere to the principles you are laying down. Worry less about what people are saying or what they would say, it’s your life and the consequences are yours to bare; they won’t bare it with you.

What you must do now is to get up and get moving again. Nothing Big begins Big in Life!


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